This webinar is perfect for both pregnant mamas and mamas who have recently given birth!
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During this jam-packed webinar, Dr. Potter will cover:
  • ​What yoni steams are and why yoni steaming is one of the best things you can do for your health after giving birth.
  • ​Why pregnancy is the perfect time to think about yoni steaming.
  • ​The healing power of postpartum yoni steams including how they can help you have the most amazing healing experience.
  • ​Why yoni steaming is important for long-term pelvic wellness including periods and future fertility.
  • ​When to start steaming to gain the most benefits from the steams.
  • ​How to use yoni steaming to create your perfect period once your period returns (no cramping or PMS!)
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Meet Dr. Potter, Women's Health Expert

Looking for more vitality and vibrancy in your health?  Dr. Potter is the one to work with.  

She has been in the health and medical field for over ten years and finds it such a joy to help women heal from chronic health struggles.  She has a passion to support women through the reproductive years from fertility through postpartum.

Apart from being a doctor, she has a background in nutrition and is also an herbalist.  She uses a functional medicine approach to help women find the glow they have always been looking for. 

Dr. Potter's office is in Portland, Oregon and she sees patients worldwide through telemedicine appointments.
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